Kellermeier team in 1948

Important Milestones in the Development of Our Company


The founder of the company, Franz X. Kellermeier, returns to Pankofen in Bavaria after spending 7 years in Italy. He has gained over 20 years of experience in the international pasta industry, and now he takes the bold step of setting up independently. He establishes a temporary workshop on his parents' property and, together with his brother Alfons and five employees, starts to manufacture pasta machines.


Soon the local workshop is no longer big enough to meet the rising demand for Kellermeier products. The company moves to its present headquarters at Pankofen Bahnhof, where a new manufacturing hall is built and the complex is gradually expanded in subsequent years.


Over 60 employees now work at Kellermeier. The product palette ranges from metering systems to dryers. The design of the first fully automated spaetzle plant opens up a further important market segment.


Alfons Kellermeier, along with his sister Rosa, succeeds his father as managing director, successfully taking the family firm into its second generation.


By the turn of the millennium, over 150 skilled employees have completed their technical or commercial training at Kellermeier. In order to keep the production plants at the cutting edge of technology, a new factory hall covering 800 square metres is built.


After being shipped by rail for over 6,000 km, a Kellermeier short-goods pasta line reaches Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The company's export business grows steadily, with Kellermeier supplying not only Central and Eastern Europe but also the market in Central Asia.


The sustainability of its products is very important for the company. In order to save resources during production of the machinery and equipment, a photovoltaic system is installed which enables Kellermeier to cover over 40 percent of its own power consumption.

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