Conveyor Systems

Kellermeier Conveyor Systems

Modern pasta manufacturing operations also need efficient system components for intermediate sections. Your product needs to be at the right place in the right quantity at the right time. Kellermeier conveyor systems provide the solution here. An individually modified conveyor system connects and serves your system components quickly and intelligently. Your product is distributed and buffered with the utmost care. Please contact our experts: We are happy to advise you on which conveyor solution will produce the best results for you.

Sample Projects:

  • Flat conveyor belts
  • Elevators
  • Corrugated sidewall conveyors
  • Conveying channels
  • Screening conveyors

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  • Customized machine design

  • Completely hygienic design

  • Optimal accessibility for efficient cleaning

  • Simple maintenance and long working life


Conveying  channel, conveyor systems
Flat conveyor belts, conveyor systems
Elevator, conveyor systems
Flat conveyor belt and elevator, conveyor systems
 Metering unit, conveyor systems
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