Spaetzle Line

Kellermeier Line for 'Spaetzle'

Spaetzle have long been established far beyond the borders of Swabia, where it originated, and are now in demand throughout the world. It takes a fair amount of know-how to ensure that the quality of your spaetzle is as good as the original. Kellermeier has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing of spaetzle. This extensive amount of knowledge flows directly into the planning and production of your spaetzle-manufacturing equipment. As a result, you have a spaetzle line that provides high-quality products with minimal use of resources, producing products that rightly deserve the name of "spaetzle".

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  • Processing of different doughs to make spaetzle and knoepfle
  • Optimized processing through pre-boiling
  • Additional attachments for bulky products
  • Completely hygienic design
  • Optimal accessibility for efficient cleaning
  • Simple maintenance and long working life
  • Customized machine design



Press for Spaetzle

Cooking Unit

Belt Pre-Dryer

Belt Final-Dryer


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Line for Spaetzle

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