Tagliatelle Line

Kellermeier Tagliatelle Line

Kellermeier tagliatelle lines are always used if product quality is to be even higher. Rolled pasta products have a greater appeal because of their outstanding flavour. The reason? The raw materials are treated with greater care during rolling than they are if they are pressed. Instead of screw-type extrusion under high pressure, the pasta is gently rolled out in stages. When using Kellermeier tagliatelle lines your pasta product receives the processing essential for top quality.

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  • Maximum diversity
  • Outstanding product quality

  • Completely hygienic design

  • Optimal accessibility for efficient cleaning

  • Simple maintenance and long working life

  • Customized machine design



Rolling Unit

Shaking Pre-Dryer

Belt Pre-Dryer

Belt Final-Dryer


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Tagliatelle Line

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