Special Machinery

Kellermeier Special Machinery

You have a special requirement and are looking for something more than an "off the rack" solution? We are the right people to talk to! Our machinery and equipment is as diverse as our customers' production conditions. New challenges always spure us on to develop outstanding creative achievements. Whether it's a boiling bath, a dryer for dumpling bread or a press for Maultaschen ("regional specialty") – Kellermeier's experts will develop just the right solution for you. Why not test our innovative capacity?

Sample Projects:

  • Dough preparation units for fresh pasta
  • Unit for Markkloesse ("regional specialty")
  • Dryer for bread rolls and dumpling bread
  • Dryer for sliced apples
  • Conveyor system for pretzel sticks

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  • Customized machine design

  • Completely hygienic design

  • Optimal accessibility for efficient cleaning

  • Simple maintenance and long working life


Liquid metering device
Kneader blades and worms
Worm bearing
Mixing tube and mixing screw
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