Belt Silos

Kellermeier Belt Silos

A wide range of products and varying production and packaging outputs mean require the facilities for flexible temporary product storage without losing sight of what is happening. Kellermeier belt silos meet this need perfectly. Even bulky and rolling products can be stored evenly and without damage and while staying easily accessible. Another major advantage: Every silo belt can be emptied individually, so your products can be packaged at top speed.

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  • Filling height to suit the product
  • Product transport without damage
  • Even product discharge
  • Variable removal system for maximum flexibility
  • Customized machine design

  • Simple maintenance and long working life

Technical Data

Belt Silos


Spreader unit, belt silo
Belt drives, belt silo
Total view, belt silo
Discharge belt, belt silo
Silo belt with pasta, belt silo
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